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Ash technology web studio was established to create personalized web presentations based on modern trends and non-traditional concepts. We can help you create an original website, e-shop or take a set of photos for numerous uses.

SEO Optimalizace webu


When creating the website, we aim for maximum clarity and orientation. If a website is simple and clear, it's easier to fulfil its purpose. Whether it is to attract a customer, provide support, or simplify communication with you, the website must be intuitive and must guide visitors to what they visited.

It is also vital that everyone learns about you. Search engine optimization is part of each of our designs. We look at the search engine as any of your visitors - they need to be well-versed in your site, have keywords to grab it immediately, and need to be able to find you, for example through backlinks.

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Nejlepší eshop

Just like the website, the e-shop also has a first-rate interest in not letting a customer go. It should make shopping more enjoyable and once your customer enjoys its content, it's great. We use Prestashop, which provides us with links to the outside world and robust functionality. It is a worldwide opensource solution that we can modify graphically and functionally.

If you are not satisfied with us in the future, you can switch to another partner and keep the e-shop. We hope that this will not happen, but with Prestashop, you are not only bound to us. And while you stay with us, we'll be happy to help you with SEO&nbps;optimization, online traffic statistics, sales analysis, and everything else that means running an e-shop.

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Fotografické služby


We use photography and graphics as a form of communication that should attract as much attention as possible. That's why we try to use unique methods and compositions to distinguish ourselves from established forms. A photo can transfer information to your potential customers faster and more efficiently than text. Our goal is to engage.

Just tell us what your vision is, who you want to reach, and you can leave the rest to us. We can shoot a range of products, capture the atmosphere of your events or create material for any promotion.





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